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Lewis County Area Snowmobile Association
New York State Snowmobile Association
American Council of Snowmobile Associations
Actual Grooming Reports (The Edge Hotel)
WBRC/WLLG "The Moose" Trail Reports trail reports
Snowmobile Digest

The Edge Hotel
Golden Shamrock Bed & Breakfast (Glenfield)
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Area Businesses and Organizations
Affordable Technical Solutions computer service
Lewis County Chamber of Commerce
Lewis County IDA

NYS Parks & Rec. Law   (Title D  Snowmobiles. Article 21-General, Article 25-Control)

(2102) The Brantingham Snomads thanks Doug Tiffany for work
on the new driveway at the Groomer Barn and other assistance.

The Brantingham Snomads thanks Tracy and Mike Hurilla of the Edge Hotel
and Scott Guillaume of The Pine Tree Inn for their sustained and generous
support of the Club throughout the years.      Plaque presentation Feb. 2008

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