Brantingham Snowmobile Club, Inc. P.O. Box 38 Brantingham, NY 13312

Membership Information

Membership in the Brantingham Snowmobile Club is $30 for a single or family membership. A family is defined as husband, wife/significant other, children 17 and under living in the same household. You may register all sleds in your household with one voucher.

JOIN ONLINE: Visit and click the big green button. Members joining online will be able to print their own voucher upon completion of the membership process. We encourage you to do this; it is quick and convenient.

MAIL APPLICATION: You can r download an application form and mail with a check for $30 to the address listed above, and upon receipt we will send your voucher along with other membership information.

VOUCHER PRINTING: Most members who join online prefer to print their own voucher so they can register their sleds right away. For this reason, we don’t send a voucher with your membership envelope. If you join online and you are unable to print a voucher, please e-mail us with a request to send one.

NAME ON VOUCHER: The name on your DMV registration and driver license should match the name you use for your club membership. DMV is being very strict about the name on the voucher matching the name on the sled registration. Only the NYSSA Office can change a member’s name. If you need a name change, please e-mail and include your NYSSA ID #, current name, and corrected name. They can also be reached at 888-624-3849 x103.

LEWIS COUNTY DMV: New York State Registrations, along with your Club Voucher, can be mailed to Lewis County Dept of Motor Vehicles, PO Box 232, Lowville, NY 13367. Once completed by the DMV they will be mailed back to you. Please remember, the earlier your documents are sent to the DMV, the sooner your registrations will be returned to you. Please note that the DMV office is located at 7049 State Rt. 12, Lowville. Phone: 315-376-5331 Hours: Mon-Fri. 8:30 am – 4 pm

MAILING ADDRESS: Please be sure you provide your mailing address as the primary address on your membership application. If you join online, put your mailing address as “Address 1”. If you would like to add your street address, you can put it under “Address 2” and it will print on your voucher.

ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY, FREE MEMBERSHIP: Active Duty personnel and Purple Heart Recipients can receive this membership by sending an application along with a photocopy of your Active Duty Military ID or a photocopy of your certificate indicating that you have received the Purple Heart. These documents must accompany a paper application because the military category must be entered by the membership coordinator. Thank you to all of you who have served, past and present, for your dedication and sacrifice.

DMV REGISTRATION ONLINE: It is now possible to register your sleds online with the NY DMV. Please keep in mind that this procedure, although convenient, reduces revenue for your local DMV. Lewis County DMV processes mailed in registrations very promptly, but if you need a registration immediately go to Be sure enter your Brantingham Snowmobile Club voucher # in order to get the discounted rate.

FACEBOOK – Throughout the snow season, updates about snowfall amounts and upcoming events will be posted on our Facebook page: