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Fight Spam!

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If you get unwanted email ('spam') from addresses at most email providers, you can report it.

In most cases, the provider will want a copy of the message with full headers. The procedure for accessing the full header information varies depending on the email program or service you are using. Refer to your program's help file or web mail instructions for details.

The header provides information that can be used to analyze where ate message originated and how it was sent. Google how to analyze email headers for information.

Here is information on how to report spam to various providers:

AOL (if you are using AOL desktop software): instructions

AOL (by email): forward to antiphishing@aol.net

Frontier: information/instructions   forward to abuse@frontiernet.net.

Gmail: instructions   report form   forward to gmail-abuse@google.com

Hotmail: information/instructions   forward to report_spam@hotmail.com

MSN: forward to report_spam@msn.com

Roadrunner: information/instructions   forward as attachment to spamblock@postmaster.rr.com

Verizon: forward spam with full headers to abuse@verizon.net

Yahoo: report form   information/instructions   report form  forward to abuse@yahoo.com

More information: Consumer Fraud Reporting

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