Snow and Trail Conditions near C5A / C7B Brantingham - Tug Hill
Glenfield Village Front Porch Cam


LewisFirst glenfieldcam Ride Report
and Trail Pictures

January 8, 9, 10 2013

This time I got out before the rain. I took a short ride on Wednedsay, then a loog loop on Thursday, and aother local ride Friday afternoon. I went back out Friday night and the trails around Brantingham were excellent. Her are some pictures and details.


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I took a short loop ride Wednesday up to Corrigan Hill Road, looped around behind Whetstone Gulf, and came out Tabolt/Carpenter Road past Timberview, stop and visited a friend at his machine shop, then came back via C5A/Milk House Road to Burdick's Crossing. Lots of snow on the hill...

I left Thursday about 11 AM for a long loop ride.

From Glenfield I went up Corrigan Hill Road to the northeast corner of Tug Hill (Fykes, Graves, Centerville, past Flat Rock Inn), down through the windmills

and fields to Lowville...

...where I topped off the tank at Stewart's and checked on the progress of my snow blower repair, then went up past <a href="http://www.ridge-view.com">Ridge View Lodge<a> and around the north side of Lowville, down to the local trail to Croghan...


Stopped for lunch and to top off the tank..

Then continued north of Croghan, crossed the Beaver River at Devil's Hole (trail S87B) and headed up towards Long Pond on S87C


Came back down C8 and was going to take it to Still water but from where C8 went through newly-logged terrain (left off the good road at intersection 217), it was horrible due to insufficient snow depth, so I headed back over to Fish Creek Road, crossed at Devil's Hole, and took the Adist Trail (Road) to Number Four Road To Smith Road/North Cross Over to the main trail back to Brantingham. Not sure how many miles because I didn't look at the odometer before I left. Any detailed trail conditions report would be meaningless at this point because of the rain.

Friday afternoon I went to Lyons Falls for lunch and gas at Stewarts. Then I went up the hill on C8B. and went over to the Fowlerville falls on the Moose River.



Any detailed trail conditions report would be meaningless because of the rain on Saturday, but I hope you enjoyed the pictures. As of Sunday 1/12, there is still a lot of snow in Glenfield. Trails should recover once the water drains off, temperatures return to normal and we get more snow. Check the Glenfieldcam web page for updated weather and trail condition reports.

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